Altador gift prizes for birthday

Altador gift prizes for birthday

Neopets 12th Birthday Cake Slice 12th Birthday Celebration Xweetok Plushie ยท Blue Chia Plushie Neopets Checkered Birthday Balloon .. Birthday Gift. Click the items above for full details on how Birthday Gift was obtained. Note that this may not be a complete list of items that give out the Birthday Gift or a. This theme can be unlocked by visiting the Altador Cup Prize Shop if you won . Is there suppose to be no ads as a Birthday Present of is there.

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Sign In Sign Up. What hides in this capsule? Candy Vampire Goodie Bag Oct. It is worth noting that only the first alternative sidebar released, Happy Birthdaycarried with it advantages; there are no advantages or disadvantages of using any other sidebar. You may also get a Limited Edition Bonus Item! You might even win yourself a Virtual Item Code, but thats only if you are really, really lucky.

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Altador gift prizes for birthday

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  • Sign-Up Bonus Items. When you join a team, you might receive one or more items. This page shows the...
  • Click the items above for full details on how Birthday Gift...
  • 3rd Birthday Gift Box Mystery Capsule, 8/15/, Gifts can be quite fun, Open...

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Edolie's Phantastic Finds October 12 - October 31, I have 16, points and I have no idea what to buy. Are you planning any other fashionable, new updates? Open this capsule and receive a random item s worth NC from the Spring Shop or more if you are lucky! Halloween Gift Box Mystery Capsule. Bubbling Experiment Mystery Capsule. There is also a chance this Birthday-rrific capsule will award retired Limited Edition Bonus Item, but that is only if you are really, really lucky!

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