B spec endurance gt5 prizes for baby

B spec endurance gt5 prizes for baby

I had seen talk of B-Spec and ignored it almost entirely. Although maybe it's because GT6 doesn't seem too interested in really long endurance races? . I never got really into it in GT5, only occasionally, but money was easier to that was the prize for a seasonal a while back, I don't remember which). Endurance races pay lots of XP but little cash in B-Spec mode. of about k almost 10 times what you get in the endurance races but you do. For Gran Turismo 6 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message all professional races, money bonus for winning all endurance races, a Honda Civic with horsepower and a baby-diarrhea-green On B-Spec.

Discussion in ' Gran Turismo 6 ' started by witrucker79 , Jan 6, Tuner's Pit Racing Association. Can someone explain B-Spec drivers? I have been running more B-Spec races and there is something I don't get about them. Durring a race when there in traffic there status bar goes into the red no matter how much I tell them to pace down.

Once there free out in front it goes all the way to the blue unless I tell them to pace up. If I don't they start to get lazy and slow and traffic catches up. The bar only moves up if I say pace up but if I don't do anything else it goes back down. So every time I click a action how long is it good for. Yes you have to pay attention to B-spec for best results. Notice there's no pause or multiplied-speed available unlike GT4 B-spec. Proximity to traffic makes them interested, being alone makes them disinterested.

Clicking any pace action works for about a minute at best, whatever you told them can be 'forgotten' quicker if they're stimulated by traffic proximity.

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Muscle Car Championship Level A 'hot' personality driver gets pretty crashy with the needle in the red part of the meter, a 'cool' personality driver may still drive decently with the meter pegged in the red. B spec endurance gt5 prizes for baby, pit stops will come into play which should further spread out the traffic so that he's encountering other cars due to that as well.

Lamborghini Exclusive Level Im having a hell of a time with Bob at the second Historical Race lvl 16 i believe. Japanese 90s Challenge Level 7.

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Gran Turismo 5 - 24 Hours of Nürburgring - B-spec lvl 40 - Endurance series 9/9

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B spec endurance gt5 prizes for baby -

First place Ford hit the wall on the last stretch and Bob passed for the win. Japanese 90s Challenge Level 7. I did that one with the 2D, surprisingly enough. Polyphony Digital Cup Level Japanese Championship Level I had to give the overtake command several times, but don't tell him to overtake when in the tunnel because he'll usually hit the guardrail at the chicane.

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Let's Play Gran Turismo 5 - Part 141 - B-Spec 24 Hours of Nürburgring - Hours 17-24

prize cars or prize money?

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