Booktrib giveaways for debut

Booktrib giveaways for debut

Lies She Told Our Little Secret: The most gripping debut psychological thriller you'll read this . *Giveaway Thursday!* Want a free book? Check out 'The Isle of Gold,' the debut novel of @sevenjanewrites! The supernatural comes to helm this excellent. In this podcast interview, Annie Hartnett discusses her debut novel Rabbit around; that's why we're partnering with BookTrib to bring you this interview: Subscribe to the Bookish newsletter and we'll share giveaways, book. Booktrib giveaways for debut

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: Booktrib giveaways for debut

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Vernon was born in South Carolina. But the nuclear attack was only the beginning. Instead, … Keep Reading.

And what will she do to get it? Stories about Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada bring the city alive and attract us to the characters in the ebook.

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  1. Katharine Weber and Amy Blumenfeld are giving away titles that will make you both feel and think a great deal.

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