Chipotle farmed and dangerous prizes for games

Chipotle farmed and dangerous prizes for games

But that's exactly what everyone's favorite Mexicanish fast food restaurant Chipotle did with 's Farmed and Dangerous on Hulu. Chipotle today debuts its original comedy series, “Farmed and Farmed and Dangerous (Photo: Business Wire) Text to Win Trivia Game at the end of the promotion for a chance to win one of “Catering for 20” prizes. Farmed and Dangerous is a four-part webisode comedy series from Chipotle Mexican Grill. as unrealistic. Along with the webisodes, people are also invited to play trivia based on each episode via their phone to win prizes from Chipotle.

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: Chipotle farmed and dangerous prizes for games

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Chipotle farmed and dangerous prizes for games

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Chipotle farmed and dangerous prizes for games

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Chipotle farmed and dangerous prizes for games -

William Espey Director Brand Marketing: Chip appears on a morning show and mounts a petition for a Senate hearing on Petro-pellet. Chipotle says "Farmed and Dangerous" isn't so much about farming as it is about the lengths that agribusiness goes to create perceptions. Mick Mitcherson 4 episodes, Agent Rowan Smith 4 episodes, The current environment for Branded Entertainment in the US allows brands to pursue inventive creative and business models.

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