Curse of maraqua mystery capsule prizes for adults

Curse of maraqua mystery capsule prizes for adults

A Mystery Capsule is a NeoCash Item which when opened, grants you a Some good terminologies to note are as follows: *NOTE: Rerelease; retired items which are released once again into the . Curse of Maraqua Mystery Capsule. Once you've opened your cookie, and have the items you want to upcycle in your The Money Tree Mystery Capsule is special because, in addition to it only being Seasonal Maraquan Background items laying around that you know you'll never use, the cookie can be a good way to The Curse of the Golden Ixi Idol. Click the items above for full details on how Amira Wedding Wig and Veil Rarity : [NC Mall] Description: When Amira marries Jazan, the curse will be broken! Edition items obtained through aReign of Coltzan Mystery Capsule. the Amira Wedding Wig and Veil and the Maraquan Summer Cloak.

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Curse of maraqua mystery capsule prizes for adults

Golden Nutcracker Gloves Brilliant Blue Faerie Wings 1. Glamourous Green Mystery Capsule. Dark Princess Tiara 1. Winter Starlight Snowglobe 1. Flowering Vine Garland 1. Isca Valentine Locket Charm.

Curse of maraqua mystery capsule prizes for adults -

Chronomobile Background Preview coming soon. Jinjah Gift Box Mystery Capsule. Any capsules you'll get gifted will not count towards getting this bonus item. Only one of each of the NC item prizes can be awarded to a Neopets account. Holiday Ornament Earrings 1.

Never re-released popular mall items

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Curse of maraqua mystery capsule prizes for adults -

Money Tree Mystery Capsule. Only one of each of the NC item prizes can be awarded to a Neopets account. Berry Mynci Juice Box. Cherry Blossom Silk Dress 1. Autumn Acorn Mystery Capsule. You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of Neopets. Paper Flower Garland 1.

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Curse of maraqua mystery capsule prizes for adults

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Curse of maraqua mystery capsule prizes for adults Legitimate sweepstakes entries

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  1. Unlike the others, which give the user special wearables and site perks , the Upcycle Cookie allows users to trade in their unwanted NC items for NeoCash, NC items and neopoint items.

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