Festival of neggs 2018 prizes for adults

Festival of neggs 2018 prizes for adults

Topsi the Cybunny is hosting this year's Festival of Neggs again! Negg Collection Tip: If the location of a Negg is a game or a daily, make sure to collect your prize from Topsi first. March 30th, Stay in Kyruggi's good books, and you won't have any trouble looking for Topsi Neopets, Inc. All rights reserved. The event included a daily gift and Negg Hunt, prizes were a mixture of neopoint and NC items. The Festival of Neggs began on March 29th, Kari the Negg Faerie has been hard at work hiding them all across Neopia. . The Festival is over, so there are no more Plain Plastic Neggs to collect for prizes .

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Festival of neggs 2018 prizes for adults -

They sure put their wisdom to good use! I have heard, however, that she's a rather sporty type. Go to the Glass Bottom Boat Tours and click on the red and white life saver. Thanks for participating in my favourite event, haha! No content is allowed to be used on another website.

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  • Festival of Neggs | The Daily Neopets
  • The yearly Festival of Neggs has returned as a way to celebrate all things Spring- and...
  • Festival of Neggs. Topsi the Cybunny is hosting this year's Festival of Neggs again! Starting on March 29th, Negg...
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  • Topsi the Cybunny is hosting this year's Festival of Neggs again! Negg Collection Tip: If...

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Kelp Choose Your Negg When visiting a location with Topsi, you will be given the choice of receiving a random prize from three different neggs.

Now I am more careful. The Curse of the Golden Ixi Idol. You will find me where painting is done. Now There are no active daily alerts. Look for a place where there is a lot of pink.

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  1. The yearly Festival of Neggs has returned as a way to celebrate all things Spring- and negg-related.

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