Turkey weight for 8 people

Turkey weight for 8 people

Do you know how to choose the right amount of turkey to feed your Thanksgiving Day guests? With the goal of having plenty of turkey for Thanksgiving dinner with enough for leftovers for next day meals and doggie bags, remember this simple rule and you'll never question how much. Our simple guide will help you find the turkey that works for you, be it a crown, a whole bird or a boneless joint. Visit Waitrose HOSTING 8 OR 12 >. Waitrose 1. Tips for deciding what size turkey to buy for your holiday gathering, and about how much turkey each guest will eat. of the entire turkey per person for a small gathering (4 to 8 people), Servings, Weight, Stuffed, Unstuffed.

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Use to make superior stock, or a soup base. Essential information on how to prepare, store and cook your turkey on our glossary page. Servings Weight Stuffed Unstuffed 4 to 6 10 - 12 lb 4. Thank you for your patience. This should only take a few moments.

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: Turkey weight for 8 people

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  1. Tips for deciding what size turkey to buy for your holiday gathering, and about how much turkey each guest will eat.

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